Why Anthracite is known World Wide

Anthracite coal can be used for a variety of heating purposes. It is one of the most brittle types of coal, but its intense blue flame and low population level make it one of the most popular and high demand items for anthracite suppliers. In addition, it is an effective fuel source because it burns cleanly and produces less air pollution than other types of coal.

Still Powers Power Plants

Anthracite coal has been used as a fuel source since the early 1800s. We used very early on, back in the caveman age. Today, it is still widely used in power plants and industrial facilities because of its cleaner burn than regular coal. Plus, it has been an authorised fuel in the UK’s Clean Air Act in 1993.

Anthracite Suppliers have been Beneficial to a lot of Communities

Did you know that in Pennsylvania, US, there is an Anthracite Heritage Museum in Scranton? Scranton is also the location for the popular series ‘The Office.’ The town contributes a lot of its economic impact from mining coal. It is one of the largest suppliers in America.

Unusual Size Naming

In America, the suppliers divide the coal by size and have named the different sizes as follows: Lump, Steamboat, Egg and Stove Coals, making it one of the most unusual classification names.

Where Can You Find It?

Among current producers, Russia, China and Ukraine have the largest estimated recoverable reserves of coal. Other countries with substantial resources include Vietnam and North Korea.

Geologically, the world’s largest, most concentrated anthracite deposit is in the Lackawanna Coal Mine. This is in northeastern Pennsylvania, United States. Around Scranton, Pennsylvania. However, the United States also contains several smaller deposits of anthracite, such as those historically mined in Crested Butte, Colorado.

the world’s largest previously undeveloped anthracite deposit is at the Groundhog Anthracite Deposit, located in British Columbia, Canada. Australian publicly listed company, Atrum Coal currently owns it. The deposit has 1.57 billion tonnes of high-grade anthracite.

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