Flamite Team

Meet the team of professionals committed to honesty, integrity and finding solutions to your energy needs. Let them manage your energy supply chain so that you can manage your business.


Renisha has worked with coal for over 25 years and started with Flamite in 1994.

Renisha is responsible for the financial, HR and compliance aspects of the business. Her role is to ensure that the back office runs efficiently and that customers’ queries and requirements are attended to timeously and professionally. Renisha provides a financial management service to the organization ensuring good governance and compliance with the multitude of legislative and regulatory bodies.

With her focus on the back office, Renisha ensures that the rest of the team can fully engage with Flamite’s customers and their needs.

A background and qualification in sales and marketing has given Amith a clear focus on customer needs. Competitive pricing and excellent quality are what every customer expects and Flamite provides. But Amith knows that his customers want a long-term relationship with someone who is reliable and whom they can trust. And he takes that trust seriously.

Amith and his team do not just fill out orders; they provide solutions to their customers’ energy needs. That includes finding the right product and the right delivery mode. He and his team provide a service that will give their customers added advantage in their own business.

Sales, like soccer (Amith’s passion) is a team effort. The focus is not on individual glory but on the success of the team, in this case the Flamite-customer team. Amith’s other passion is fishing.

For any queries regarding sales or product requirements, please contact Amith.