Coal & Anthracite Suppliers in Cape Town

Coal Suppliers – Cape Town

We ensure that your plant never experiences energy shortages


Are you satisfied with coal & anthracite suppliers in Cape Town and the Western Cape?

• Are your deliveries on time?
• Do you receive delivery status updates?
• Do you receive regular quality assurance analyses of your orders?
• Are you provided with alternative coal types in the event of a problem with your mine of choice?
• Are the drivers doing your deliveries courteous and professional?
• Are you advised of any special deals?

In short, do you get what you need from your current supplier?

Flamite doesn’t sell only coal and anthracite; we manage your entire energy supply chain.

We partner with our customers and distributors to ensure there is viable communication which results in our customers receiving the perfect product that satisfies their needs, every time.

The sourcing of coal and energy in South Africa can be a time-consuming process. This process involves negotiating deals with the various South African mines, ensuring the correct quality and quantity of coal received at the agreed upon price… and then, still ensuring the coal is delivered timeously.


From delivery request to your boiler, free up your time and resources by partnering with a team as dedicated to your power supply as you are. With long-standing relationships with mining houses and a reliable road and rail system, Flamite is geared to manage your supply chain in every way. The combined passion of the Flamite team and an ethos based on providing a world-class customer experience translates into a bespoke service.

In working alongside Flamite, you are elevating a business fundamental – your power – to the level of strategy. Make your coal and energy supply and management serve you with Flamite.

Power your energy strategy through a consistent source of coal and supply management services.