South Africa’s Coal Supply In Domestic Markets

anthracite coal suppliers

The sourcing of coal and energy in South Africa can be a time-consuming process. This process involves negotiating deals with the various South African mines, ensuring the correct quality and quantity of coal received at the agreed upon price… and then, still ensuring the coal is delivered timeously.

Flamite doesn’t sell only coal; we manage your entire energy supply chain.

We do this by partnering with our customers and distributors to ensure there is viable communication which results in our customers receiving the perfect product that satisfies their needs, every time.

Flamite strives on their core principle off “Taking the worry of coal supply out of the equation and freeing their customers to focus on their own businesses”.

We will ensure your boiler never runs empty, your furnace never goes cold

Incorrect coal products and erratic supply can be a massive threat to businesses around South Africa. Flamite’s founding principle, practiced and perfected over 90 years, is to take the worry over energy supply out of the equation and free our customers to focus on their business.

We offer boiler optimization advice

We have a trained staff member on call to assist our clients with advice on optimizing their boiler efficiencies.

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anthracite coal suppliers