to ensure that your plant never experiences energy shortages.

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The suppliers of coal and energy who free you up to focus on your business

If you rely on coal supply, anthracite and related energy products for your day-to-day operations, who you entrust with your energy supply chain management will go beyond the realms of a simple commercial transaction. It’s part of your core business strategy – and the team who are your suppliers of coal and energy become your partner.


With industry relying so heavily on coal, an unreliable supply and use of the wrong coal products can result in exorbitant expense through operational downtime and patchwork solutions. Across all sectors, manufacturers and buyers stand to benefit from the streamlined operations of a consistent coal, anthracite and energy supply. Through strategic relationship-building, waylay crises, discover energy solutions, and develop a competitive edge – simplifying administration and logistics to keep your plants powered.

At Flamite, more than 90 years of experience and infrastructure translate into the capacity to provide real, far-reaching, and innovative energy solutions to local and international clients. If you are looking for a reliable coal and anthracite supplier near you, contact Flamite now to experience our quality service and product.

When sourcing the correct quantity and quality of coal, the success of any supply relationship pivots on the reliability of supply, pricing, the consistency of quality, and logistics. Where leaving this to chance can have a devastating domino effect on your business.

By partnering with Flamite, you are buying into a solutions culture, where long-standing relationships govern our steadfast approach to acquiring and delivering an uninterrupted supply of high-quality coal to match the needs of our clients.

Catering for domestic and export markets, Flamite lives up to the partnership ideal by being on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for short-notice and emergency deliveries. Equipped to take the reins and manage your coal, anthracite and energy supply; Flamite takes the time to understand your needs in order to provide perfect-fit solutions to your requirements – with the logistics and infrastructure to support any demand.


From delivery request to your boiler, free up your time and resources by partnering with a team as dedicated to your power supply as you are. With long-standing relationships with mining houses and a reliable road and rail system, Flamite is geared to manage your supply chain in every way. The combined passion of the Flamite team and an ethos based on providing a world-class customer experience translates into a bespoke service.

In working alongside Flamite, you are elevating a business fundamental – your power – to the level of strategy. Make your coal and energy supply and management serve you with Flamite.

Power your energy strategy through a consistent source of coal and supply management services.