Advantages and Disadvantages of Coal in Domestic and International markets

Flamite (Pty) Ltd is a supply chain management company for coal, coke, fuel, anthracite and related energy products. This process involves sourcing the best coal and other products for our clients as well as delivering it timeously and efficiently in and around South Africa and the rest of the world. We offer our clients a wide variety of products to suit individual specification and pricing needs as well as including an extensive range of coal grades, sizes and prices.

Flamite have been supplying coal to our clients locally and internationally for the past 80 years. We supply coal 24 hours a day 365 days a year to ensure our clients receive excellent service and a quality product.

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Advantages of Coal in South Africa and Internationally

Primary energy source

Coal supplies around 30% of the primary energy needs all over the world, generating 40% of electricity. It is one of the most abundant sources of energy and very unlikely there will not be a shortage of coal any time soon.

Coal mining jobs

The mines alone employ about 134,000 people, and over the next 10 years, 50,000 new employees will be needed to replace workers who will be retiring. Because the demand for coal continues to rise, employment will also increase, which means there will be no job shortages in the coal industry.

Independent of the weather

The only time that coal mining may be halted is when the site is declared dangerous or inoperable. But if it is just rain or strong winds, work would still continue and power plants will remain in operation.

Disadvantages of Coal in South Africa and Internationally

Environmental impact
Burning coal may produce useful by-products, but it can also emit harmful wastes, such as carbon dioxide, sulfuric acid, arsenic, ash, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide.

Coal mining impact
Coal seams are surrounded by plants, rivers and other natural landscapes, and digging for coal would mean destroying forest areas that serve as wildlife habitat.

Impact on miners’ health
Even before a coal miner gets sick due to inhalation of fumes and the like, they are at risk of being buried deep in the earth. Underground mining, after all, is prone to cave-ins and explosions. But the real risk is to the miners’ health and those of the people living close to the dig areas.

Flamite is aware of all the advantages and disadvantages associated with coal and the supply of this energy source and therefore take it into account when supplying locally and internationally to all our long-standing clients, ensuring that their clients receive excellent service and a quality product.